Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two days, alone with one baby......

The weekend before last Meg went to spend three days with my parent's in OK. Something she AND I had been looking forward to for a few weeks. Chad was gone two of those days to OK, as well, for meetings. So it was just me and this girl.....
Funny how when you have one child it feels like you can't get everything done you want to, but when you have two and one is gone (namely the one with all of the energy), it feels like being on vacation. I had a whole list of projects I wanted to get finished while she was gone. Since Chad was gone, I pretty much worked morning to night with feeding and playing times mixed in.....and it was surprisingly relaxing.
First project on the list was the curtains for the dining room. The fabric has been sitting on the roll in the corner of the room since the week Molly was born. Here is the finished product. Pretty simple, but I love what they add to the room. I didn't get a pic of the whole room, because all of my other projects were overtaking the table!
I have a wonderful jewelry armoire that my aunt gave me for Christmas years ago. It is great a great piece of furniture that holds everything. But, for me, out of sight is also out of mind. I forget what all I have, and wear the same things over and over until I just get tired of them. So I decided to make a display. I used an old framed cork board....covered it with fabric and added straight pins.
I also got out a vase, a pedastal and a ceramic tray that I wasn't using and make a little display on my dresser. I love having all of my jewelry out where I can see it. I have worn something different every day.
Then I rearranged the living room. It seemed a little boring and predictable to me before. I like the new arrangement (though I am still working on selling this monster TV and replacing it with one that fits the room).

I also covered the back of Meg's head board, since I hadn't considered that it would be up against a window when I covered it the first time..... I worked on birth announcements.....and I got my desk area closer to the way I want it.

Molly was a huge help!

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Chrisann said...

Way to go girl! You accomplished a lot. Sounded like your vacation to the beach was a lot of fun too. Glad you guys are doing so well. Does my heart good. Love you!