Friday, October 24, 2008


Can you tell Meg likes the purse and necklace that her "Bunny" got her?

"I am ready to go"

"Could you get me a latte?"

"Even pajamas need a little something extra"

"Pink pearls go with everything!"

"Hold on, I really need to take this one."

(PS....if you have really good vision, that is a picture of me on her shirt. It is my t-shirt from preschool. )
So I guess even if Meg is fast and least we know she loves to accessorize!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Botanical Gardens

Chad had a great idea the Friday before last to take a picnic to the botanical gardens. We had so much fun....especially Meg. She did not have much of a picnic, because she did not sit still long enough to eat. We learned pretty quickly that we needed to stay far away from the ponds. I caught her about 5 inches from diving into one of them. Here are some of the highlights. I took a thousand pictures.

Tonight we took a little walk around the neighborhood. Meg loves our neighbor's front porch. I think it is precious too. Fortunately they are sweet grandparents themselves who are happy to have her exploring around. Here are she and Chad relaxing in their chairs and running on the lawn.

This is just a funny picture of Meg reading with her fishing pole over her shoulder. Just in case she wants to go fishing later.

Sugar Lips

This is what Meg looked like when she woke up a week and a half ago. We think it was just an allergic reaction to a bug bite or something. It was only temporary, but pretty funny. She did not even seem to notice.