Friday, June 27, 2008

Big Number One

Well, what a year it has been. My precious baby girl is one year old. I can't believe it. If every year goes this fast, she will be off to college in no time. It makes me so sad to think about it. She blesses me every day with more joy then I could ever have imagined before she came into my life. I wanted to take this opportunity to document some of her tricks and favorite things.

She is taking a few steps here and there, has been "cruising" for months...but still hasn't taken off. She loves to flex her muscles and blow kisses. She smiles at anyone and everyone and will fake laugh when anyone else laughs. She barks like the dogs next door. Her favorite words are Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye Bye, Uh Oh, Thank you, Purple, Bubble, and "No Meg, No Meg, No Meg". She gives the sweetest neck squeeze hugs. She plays with my hair when she is sleepy. If she can't reach my hair...she plays with her own. She pulls my hair and say "ouch". She will eat anything she finds on the ground....including a roly poly in the house the other day. She loves little gym and her best friends Merrick and Olivia. She can't sit still for even a second. She absolutely loves swimming. Her favorite game is pulling all of her clothes out of her drawer or all of the movies out of the shelves.

Those beautiful blue eyes and luscious little lips melt my heart over and over every day. My favorite book to read to her is "I Love You So Much". I love the line that says "I can't imagine life before you came along...Me there singing senseless, no meaning to my song." I truly can't imagine what life was like a year ago. I know it was not complete.

"Lord, lead us in raising this precious child in your ways. Thank you for intrusting us with her life. Protect her daily, despite our mistakes. Bless her and use her always for your glory and the growth of your kingdom"

It is a crazy weekend. Our Nephew's party was this morning and we have a wedding tonight. I will post pictures of Meg's party when I get a chance. It is tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We are in!!

(If you like will really like this post. It is a long one.)
We are in our new house. We moved on Friday. Quite an eventful day that I will give details on later in the post. So, we moved in on Friday and had to have everything ready for a Broker's tour that was yesterday. He had signed up his house before we knew we were moving into it. So I worked non-stop for four days to get everything ready for that yesterday morning. There was not a very good showing of realtors (which is fine with me, because I am not up for moving again in the very near future)....but it feels good to have everything finished already. That is the way I have always moved, but I have never had a little "mini me" in tow. I hardly sat down until today, so I thought I would fill you in with pictures.
First of Meg in her new house. She loves to unpack.....not putting away or arranging....just pulling stuff out of boxes, off shelves(that I just arranged) and out of drawers. She has really enjoyed exploring her new house. I always know where she is because of the pier and beam foundation and the old wood floors.

My mom will get on to me for posting this....she doesn't like crying pictures. It was actually pretty funny. This was her reaction to me not letting her play in the toilet. It only lasted a second. I found her something else to do.
She was really enjoying playing in the flower pots with Dad.....mainly because he is too slow and she got quite a few handfuls of dirt in her mouth before he could stop her.

Here she is "helping" to unload the DVDs.....her favorite pastime. the movers who have moved us 5 times went out of business. Probably because we have not moved in two years. So Chad started calling around and asking questions. He called about 15 different companies to ask them their rates, if they charge for mileage or have extra fees etc. He forgot to ask how big their truck was, however. This is what pulled into our driveway......
They were nice, but I am not sure we have a single wall that is not chipped or a piece of furniture that is not scratched. I don't think moving is going to be a real successful venture for them. They should stick with BBQ. He talked all day about the restarant he owns in the hospital district in FW. It took two full loads and that was just furniture. I had already moved everything else over. Needless to say, cheap is not always the way to go!
So here are the pics of the house.

Master bedroom
My office/guestroomKitchen

Living Room

Living Room-I purposely left the movies in a pile on the floor, where Meg left them. She is really loving the bookshelves that come down to the floor. I am already regretting that.

Dining Room-I know...the high chair is a great accessory.

Guest Bath
Meg's Room- It is a lot less pink then before, but really cute.

Come and see us anytime. We really love it here. I can walk to Starbucks and Walgreens. I love the view from every window. Our mail even gets dropped into our house through an old mail slot. You never have to wonder if the mail has come yet! We are so close to everything. I loved our neighborhood before, but most of our life is on this side of town. It is great.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moving and Sleepy Head

Well, the move is going well. We are living in caos....but that is just how it goes. Chad has to do things while he is the mood or it won't get done. Last night he took our bed apart. I was thinking, "great now we get to sleep on a mattress on the floor, for two weeks"....but he was so proud of himself for working ahead. After reading my last post I was thinking that technically I have moved almost every year for the last 10 years....because I moved each year that I was in college (twice a year to be completely specific). It never ceases to amaze me though how much stuff accumulates in a short period of time. I just finished cleaning out my office closet, for was crazy. I LOVE to get rid of stuff. It is such a great feeling to throw things away or just get rid of them. I took a load to the resale store today and I have sold a few furniture items on craigslist (my first encounter). I just love to simplify! It makes me feel so good. I always like to feel like I have a clean slate when we move. We plan to be completely moved by next weekend. I will post pictures of our new house when we get there.
Most of the time when we stay out past Meg's bedtime she falls asleep in the car on the way home and then wakes when we get home just enough to scream while we change her clothes and her diaper and then falls right back to sleep in bed. Well, the other night when I got home she did not wake up. I put her on the changing table and started to take off her clothes, but she was a limp rag. She was so sound asleep that I could not bear to wake her up. I just put some socks on her and called it good. I had changed her diaper before I came home, so that was good. I just had to take her picture because she was the sweetest little sleeping angel I had ever seen.

Don't you just want to kiss her sweet little lips?
We started a Little Gym Class this morning. It was so much fun....Meg is practically an olympic gymnast already. We did forward rolls. jumping, hanging from the bars, playing with bubbles and all kinds of fun things. I will post some pictures when I get them.