Sunday, June 21, 2009


This video is priceless to me. Meg get's so excited to see her daddy. Her whole mood can change in an instant when Daddy gets home to chase her and wrestle with her, build forts and slides with the couch cushions, throw her on the bed and whatever else he can come up with. During the day, she will say, "Where's Dada?......He'll be right back." as if she is trying to convince herself it won't be long until he is home.

This was when I caught the tail end of quite a ticklish bed time. (You must know that Meg doesn't "Wind Down". She runs and yells and plays until you pick her up and put her into bed, where she immediately lays down and falls fast asleep. We used to try to quietly sing songs and read books, but she won't have it. She doesn't want to miss a second. We are usually trying to squeeze in a prayer as she reaches for the mattress on her way down.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Molly's Shower

Molly (my college roommate) is expecting her first baby in August. I can't wait to meet little Titus. We had a fun shower this morning, at Cassy's house. Molly makes every party more fun....her shower was no exception. Pregnancy has provided with her with plenty of funny stories and comments.
The beautiful Mommy.

All four Roomies. It takes a shower to get us all together even though we all live in DFW.

I am so mad at myself for not getting a picture of all of our ACU friends that were there. It was so good to see Jamie, Kristin, Lori, Katie and Melissa among the other friends and family there.

I love this picture of Emerson Guerra and Molly's Mom Tracy looking on. Tracy is like the baby whisperer. Babies love her. I think it's her cute baby talk.

Molly, modeling her presents.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Miracle Worker

Go see the preview of Meg's 2 Year pics at We did them a few weeks early because Kristin is 8 months pregnant. Poor things had to chase my crazy girl all over the Mandalay Canal in Las Colinas. We were there almost two hours and I still can't believe she got these wonderful ones. Meg was her usual curious, fast and furious self. Kristin is a genius!