Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Updates

I was out of town for a conference last week and away from Meg for 4.5 days....and Chad. My parents kept her part of the time and she and Chad went to Tyler over the weekend to see his mom. Is it just me, or did she grow an inch while I was gone? Her hair looked longer to me and she even acted older. I guess I sometimes take for granted getting to spend every day with her. I got home Sunday and she and Chad came that afternoon. We immediately got out her new swinsuit and water table, because the weather was so nice.

We started Dance class on Monday. A friend of mine from church teaches and has been encouraging me to put Meg in her 2 year old class. She won't be 2 until June, so we will see how it goes. The first class was new for everyone, so it was a little crazy. Meg was a little "off" anyway from mommy being out of town last week. We have some re-training going on. She sure looked cute in her leotard and ballet shoes though. Looking forward to next week.

This was free play time. Most of the time I was "dancing" with her, so I couldn't take pictures.

"We are ready to get out of here."

This morning Meg got tubes in her ears. The hardest part was the PreOp appointments yesterday. She got really tired of going to different offices and being poked and prodded. Today was easy. We got there just before 7. Surgery at 8...out of surgery by 8:15. Out of recovery by 9. Home by 9:30. Thank goodness for pediatric hospitals with pediatric nurses, toys, videos and anesthesia. Hopefully we will not have ear infections and anti-biotics once a month any more.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

This year.....

Last Year....

I can't believe how much Meg has changed.

(Yes...I am wearing the same sweater. Different dress!)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two Babies

The first and much more important of the two is my precious new niece Halle Jane Jackson. She is perfect in every way. 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long. She was born on March 31st, but I left my camera in my parent's car, so I am just now getting to post the pictures.

The other baby is temporarily living in our backyard. We found her scared and hungry at the neighborhood park. We think someone dropped her off. She is really sweet. We named her Millie. She is definately part Lab, but her nose is pointed. She must be a mix, but I don't know of what. Feel free to offer ideas. We are currently trying to find her a home. We love her, but we can't keep a dog permenantly right now. She is still a older puppy.