Monday, January 28, 2008

Friends and Nephews

We had two Playdates last week. On Thursday we had lunch with my good friend from college, Julie; and My good friend from our small group Jill. They happen to be sisters.

Julie's twins, Savannah and Elizabeth were born 5 days before Meg. They are so cute; and it is funny how similar they are to her. They make the same sounds and are both very active. You would not have known it by the way Meg was at lunch. She sat quietly in her car seat, the whole time we were at the restaurant. I was shocked! I don't think she has done that since she was a newborn. I think she much have been mesmerized by all of the other babies.

This is Will, Jill's precious little boy. He's about 4 months younger then the girls. Jill said this is what he does when his cousins come over. It is almost like he is saying, "maybe if I act like I am asleep, they will go away." I am sure he was wondering why he was surrounded by girls.

Friday night we kept my nephews Bronson and Austin, so that My brother and Sister-in-law could go out for their anniversary. We ate Pizza, Read some books to Meg and then we watched 'Cars'. I am pretty sure they have seen it about 5,000 times, but they love it just as much as they did the first time they saw it. This is a picture of all of the boys mesmerized by the movie.

Austin was posing for the camera. He kept saying, "I want to take another picture." Then when he got bored, he said, "I am done taking pictures." These are only a few.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yesterday we had a roommate playdate. Brianna had Me, Meg, Molly, Cassy and Cohen over for lunch. It was one of the first times the Four Roommates have spent a lot of good time together in a really long time!! It was so much fun.

The three Mexican boys are Brianna's....Tre', Cooper and Evan.

Meg and Evan were so funny. She had her hand on his back and he had his hand on her leg. They did that all on their own. It was so cute.


Tre' and Evan watching the Backyardigans.

Meg thinks Molly is as funny as I do.

We had a great time. Molly taught me how to link to other people's blogs..... I am still pretty new to all of this blogging stuff. It is still a work in progress. The ones I have are the only ones I know about so far. Let me know if you have a blog, so I can read it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


To see Meg's 6 Month pictures (which are soooo cute).....go to
That will only be available for a week or so.

Meg is also featured on

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I am in trouble

Meg is ready to get on the move. She is not crawling yet, but as you can see in these pictures....she is ready. I am just bracing myself for the days when she is mobile. This girl can already move pretty quickly, just rolling. I know I am in for it when she starts crawling. She definately has her Dad's agility and energy. Not that I am a couch potato, but I mean she can't sit still...unless I turn on one of of her videos, then the rest of the world stops.

Here she is doing mountain climbers.....

...and push-ups. I think she is going to be an Exercise Science Major, like me.

She gets away from me when I am changing her, which is why she is only in her diaper. I sometimes just give up and let her go free for a while. It is like a wrestling match everytime she has a dirty diaper.

Yes..that is a bunny tail on her PJ's. Guess who bought her these! It has a cute little stuffed rabbit that fits in the front pocket too.

Just some more random pictures. I told you... I am obsessed.