Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I don't do many posts without pictures, but you will appreciate the fact that I am not posting pictures of this.......On Sunday mornings, Chad has to be at church most of the day. Meg and I usually go to late service so that she can take a nap first. We are almost to the point that her morning nap is too late to make that work; but I tried again this week, anyway. She had wet on her pajamas, but I didn't want to put on her church clothes yet. It was warm in our house (thanks to the AC Nazi....not naming names), so I just put her down in her diaper. She never fell asleep. She just played and talked in her bed for an hour. When I went to get her up (dressed and ready for church, mind you), she was standing in her crib...naked...with a big smile on her face. I laughed and said, "when did you learn to take your diaper off?". She then pointed to her diaper on the bed and said ,"Shoowee...shoowee". I picked her diaper up and said , "this isn't shoowee, this is just wet". Then I noticed a little gift that Meg had taken out of her diaper and thrown on the floor. I will leave the rest of the details to your imagination. That was probably TMI already.

Is 15 months too early to potty train?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Listen in

These are some wonderful family friends of mine. They sang in our wedding. Click on the link to listen to their new song. The more people who listen to it, the better their chances of being recognized and picked up by radio stations and such. Click and listen as many times as you want. It is beautiful.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Going Green

Chad bought us these black reusable bags a few months ago to use for groceries. Unfortunately I usually get to the check out and think, "Oh Shoot" when the girl asks me if I want paper or plastic. I usually don't even remember to bring my shopping list, let alone those bags. I am trying though.
For some reason Chad thinks it is really funny to put Meg inside of things (ie. baskets, bags, blankets) and carry her around. Here she is getting a ride in the "green bags".

One of Meg's favorite things to do is unload everything from underneath our bathroom sinks. Don't worry....I have babyproofed it. I now just toss it all back in. No need to organize when it will all happen again tomorrow. Here she is in the act.

I usually find a clippy or my brush or Chad's toothpaste in little hiding places throughout the house.
An update on words that Meg is saying at 14 months:
Mama, Dadda, Baby, Bubble, Ball, "Show"(shower), Bath, "Nack"(Snack), Diaper,
"Tantu"(Thank you), Bye Bye, Hi, "No"(Nose), "Mou"(Mouth), Eyes, Hot, Uh Oh, Up(When she means up or down), Milk, Shoes, Thanks, Flower, "Peas"(Please), Shoowie(everytime I put her on the changing table), Dog, "Hop Hop"(Bunny) and "NO".......I am sure I am forgetting something. The girl talks all day long. These are at least the favorites. She will try to repeat almost anything you say, but these are the words she says on her own.
She is a miniature version of Chad.....talkative, high energy, very smart and flat out crazy(I mean fearless). Everyday is an adventure. As I have always said, "God put Chad in my life to push me out of my comfort zone". He must have had a lot more work to do on me, because He gave me another one!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day in OKC

My dad took Chad, My brother, my nephew Bronson and my brother-in-law to NYC for one of last games at Yankee stadium. Then they took the train to Boston for a couple of games there. So.....Meg and I headed to OKC to stay with Bunny, Mallory, Jacob and Audrey. We had a blast. Meg loves her cousins and she thinks she can do everything that they can do. This is the best of our attempts to get the three of them together for a posed picture. Meg was the uncooperative one. She kept taking off.
It is really entertaining just hear the conversations that go on between these three. Sometimes it is friendly and other times it is not so friendly. Meg and Audrey especially have a love hate relationship. Jacob kind of does his own thing a lot of the time.

The golf carts are always a hit at Bunny and Pop's house. It is usually the main event on any of the boy's agendas. Meg can't even ride as a passenger, because she has been known to dive out of a moving object....like the wagon. Here she is pretending to drive though.

Like I said, we had to stand close as Audrey pulled Meg in the wagon. She has no sense of fear what so ever. She is going to give me a heart attack at some point.

It started to rain, but the kids didn't skip a beat. I think it added to the fun. That is why Meg's hair looks so silly. They went straight to the bathtub, because they were filthy.....especially Meg.

Meg topped off the weekend by nose diving out of my arms straight towards the concrete floor, as we were leaving Chipolte at lunch. I caught her upside down about 5 inches from the floor. Everyone in the restarunt was staring at us and my heart was pounding for about an hour. AWESOME!!
She really is going to give me a heart attack. My mom always said that she was afraid people would think she abused me because I was so covered in bruises. I am now understanding what she meant.
(FYI....for my own records. Meg had her first full fledged ear infection last week. We went to the doctor on Friday because she had been a little fussy all week and was not sleeping as well as usual. She had some 'slight inflamation' around her birthday, but this is a double infection. We are on Anti-biotic and doing good. 14 months is pretty good, I think, for the first one.)