Wednesday, November 10, 2010

World's Worst Blogger

I mean really....I stink!
I always think I am going to start posting more often, but I just don't. I love to read other people's though.

So here is the late Halloween post.....

"Rapunzel"Meg had told me for weeks before Halloween that she wanted to be a fairy princess. The week of Halloween she started saying she was going to be Rapunzel. I argued that she already had a Fairy Princess costume, to which she answered, "Rapunzel IS a princess!" Well ok....problem solved. So she was a Fairy Princess who just happened to be name Rapunzel. May have confused people....
.....and my snuggly bunny.
Meg had also been telling me for weeks that Molly was also going to be a princess. I wasn't sure what kind of roly poly princess outfit I would through together. The day of Halloween, Molly was wearing her (hand me down) bunny jammies. I said, "Molly could be a bunny for halloween"...which made Meg very happy. So I got out the hat that Molly's Bunny (grandmother) bought her and we called it good. She slept through trick or treating anyway.

We we so happy to have Meg's cousins Bronson (Ironman) and Austin (Storm Trooper) come trick or treat with us again this year. So sweet that they still want to trick or treat with their little cousin Meg!
See....this was Molly's trick or treating experience!
Our neighborhood was CRAZY.....Every house looked like this! We probably handed out candy to 200 kids and we were gone for at least an hour while making the rounds ourselves.
We got these cute pumpkins in OKC with my mom. I forgot to get a picture until the day after Halloween when I had already started getting out decorations for a Baby Shower I hosted last excuse the other things on the table. I just wanted to get a pic of our super cute pumpkins.

Yesterday Meg and I decided to make Cookies (like we had seen on Nick Jr:). She kept calling them Easter Cookies, since sadly that was the last time we made iced cookies!

Our finished Turkeys and the proud Baker
Enjoying the fruits of our labor