Saturday, September 5, 2009

School Days and Such......

Meg started Mother's Day Out this week. She is at a different place then she went to last year, because I wanted to put her somewhere closer to where we live.....of course we don't live there anymore....but, oh well. She LOVES it. If she weren't so happy to see me at the end of the day, my feelings would be hurt at how carelessly and anxiously she runs into her classroom. She will hardly look up from her toys/books to tell me goodbye. Separation anxiety has never been a problem for her. It helps that she loves everyone and has never met a stranger. The first day she (literally) pushed past a girl who was standing timidly in the door way not wanting to go in. On Thursday she completely ignored the only other two kids who were there when we got there, who were both screaming their heads off for their moms not to leave. She just looks at them like, "I don't know what your problem is, but I have things to do and you are just wasting time."
Of course, getting her to stand on the front porch and take a "1st day of school" picture with her backpack was not an option for Meg. We just took some pictures of her roaming the yard and street....they just happened to be on the first day of school. I will keep trying to get one of her with her backpack on. It is really cute. Here you go.

This morning we woke up to Meg yelling, "I am ready to get out please!" from her bed. We watched Little Mermaid and ate cereal and then we all loaded up and went to a park that is close to the house. I had a lot of fun getting action shots....which is all I can get with Meg. Chad and I were talking about how Meg kind of demands the attention of everyone around her. She is the loudest and friendliest kid at the park. I am always hearing other parents laugh out loud at her. It is so funny to me, because I am happy to get lost in the crowd. She will be a leader for sure. She says hi to everyone she sees when we are out and about. I love it when people are in a hurry or concentrating on something or just lost in their own world and they can't help but smile when Meg yells, "Hi guys!" or just "HI!".
Here are some of what I captured at the park

Happy Labor Day Weekend!