Monday, March 24, 2008


Happy Easter!
Meg was so cute in her Easter dress. Unfortunately, it was a little chilly. We lost her hair bow somewhere between church and home, but this one looks cute too.

I love this new smile. She just started scrunching her nose when she smiles. It is especially funny, because it is all gums. She will be nine months on Thursday and she just had breakthrough on her two bottom teeth last week.

I am excited for next year when she will want to hunt for eggs and eat all the sweets that "Bunny" (my mom) gives her. I end up eating it all now. I am pretty sure that is my mom's intention.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Photo Shoot

It was so beautiful outside this weekend, I could not help but get outside and take some pictures. Meg really enjoyed getting crawl around and get dirty. She did not like me fishing in her mouth for the pansies that she tried to eat.

Of course she is laughing with Daddy. Apparently He is the funniest of the two of us.
It's ok...most of the time she is a mommy's girl. He deserves some special time too.

These are just some random pictures I took playing in her room. Doesn't she look so cute sitting like a big girl in her little chair? This was right before she did a nose dive out of it.

And this is just before she did a somersault out of the puffy chair. The girl has no fear.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cindy Lu Who

Meg's hair is long enough for a tiny little ponytail. It is so cute.

The funniest is when we take it out though. She looks like Cindy Lu Who from the Grinch that Stole Christmas.

I took out her ponytail last night and it still looked like this in the morning.

Her new trick is pulling up to standing. She does it all of the time. It is really fun and cute except when she is supposed to take a nap. We have not really mastered getting back down yet, so she gets really mad until she just falls down, or I come in and lay her back down.