Saturday, January 2, 2010

December was a fast and furious holiday season, as usual.

I have been completely unmotivated to sit down and Blog about it all. I uploaded the pics last week and the post has just been sitting on my dashboard since. So, there is going to be little dialogue to go along with these pictures....but enjoy anyway. Meg loved Christmas this year. She especially loved seeing all of her cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents within a two week period. I took very few pictures with my family, because sadly, we were only with them for a few hours on the Friday Night Before Christmas.

Checking out her "Santa" loot from Bunny and Pop.

Trying out her new disney princess dress up clothes and shoes from Aunt Mallory and the Jackson fam.

Wearing her Sleeping Beauty dress and riding the Ariel "Bicycle" (as she calls it) that Bunny and Pop gave her.
The next pics are from Palestine where we went to see Chad's Dad and Stepmom. We got to go to their friend's ranch and do a fun Hay Ride. It was cold, but lots of fun.
Aunt Shaye and Maclane
Talking to the horses with Papa

Taking the inagural ride in the new Wagon that she got from Papa and Wyma.
Riding with Knox
Next we spent the actual Christmas in Tyler with Chad's Mom and his Sister's fam.
Craziness on Christmas Morning!
Meg and Maclane in their matching outfits from Mama Joy pushing their baby doll strollers in circles around the house.

It was a wonderful Christmas