Monday, December 29, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas

We had a Very Merry Christmas....despite a double ear infection, upper respiratory infection and a little bronchitis. Sorry for ALL of the pictures, but there was a lot going on at Bunny and Pop's house.

This is just a first attempt at a cute picture in the Christmas Dress Bunny bought her. She isn't really into posing for pictures....especially when I dress her up and make a big deal about it.

Meg Loves to talk on the phone. She always asks for Bunny's phone. I think because it is pink and it flips. She got two phones for Christmas.

"Can I take a message please?"

Audrey's Barbie Jeep was a favorite gift for sure. Meg was perfectly happy to be a her passenger.

Meg was not a fan of the remote control dinosaurs. She could hardly enjoy her own gifts, because she was so scared.

Bunny and Pop's new house is a grand kid heaven. The chalkboard wall is always fun; not to mention the Wii, the child sized golf carts, baskeball court and.....

The new Mega Fort/Swing's like a mini park in their backyard. Meg went face first down the slide about 100 times. This was my parent's Christmas gift to each other. You can tell what their priorities are.

Christmas Jammies!

It doesn't have a motor, but Meg loves her new cruiser too.

Carmel Apple Christmas Pancakes! Yum!
Enjoying the pancakes
There were actually adults there, but we aren't as interesting or fun to photograph. Hope you all had a great Christmas and are going to have a Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Give Thanks

We had a very wonderful Thanksgiving in East Texas. Meg loved being with her cousins and playing outside, swinging, and riding in the wagon. We spent two days in Tyler and two days in Palestine. She loves to explore new places. The hardest part was keeping her out of the pond at Chad's dad's family cabin. I don't think she will be aloud to go fishing for a while. She is too interested in swimming to be trusted near the water. She came home with an even bigger vocabulary then she left with. Mainly because her cousin Knox followed her around all weekend asking, "can you say_____?" Her new big thing is phrases. She has been saying "Here you go" and "It's coming" and "I get you" for a while. Our new favorite is "I like it....I like___". She says it in the cutest tone and says it all day long.
Here is an assortment of pics from her holiday adventures. Chad and I are most thankful for the joy she brings us everyday.