Saturday, February 13, 2010


Most of my "readers" are from DFW or OKC, so I don't really need to tell you that we had a record snowfall on Thursday. 12"!!! It was really kind of surreal. The ground was already covered when we woke up on Thursday and it never stopped snowing until after we went to bed that night. We didn't really get out to play while it was snowing, but yesterday was the perfect snow day. The wind wasn't blowing, the sun was trying to come out and there was the thickest snow to play in that I have ever seen, outside of Colorado. Meg LOVED it! She couldn't care less that besides her raincoat and rain boots, none of her warm clothes were water proof. She was soaked and frozen....I felt like a terrible mom, but she insisted that she wasn't cold and that she didn't want to go inside. We played in our neighborhood for a while and then headed to a hill near our house to "sled". We had seen a ton of people out there the night before, but we didn't brave it while the snow was still falling. Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera with us. I am pretty sure it may have been on the list of things I am not supposed to do while pregnant, but it was a lot of fun and I was fairly cautious. Meg of course, laughed and giggled the whole way down each and every time, which was priceless. I love to hear the joy in her voice when she gets so excited like that. Unfortunately she went ballistic when it was time to go inside. Crying crocodile tears for 30 solid minutes, which is unusual for her short attention span. I don't usually show sympathy when a fit is thrown, but I did feel bad since she never gets to see or play in the snow. After a warm bubble bath with Mommy, everything was better. That always works!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


This post is backwards because I did the typing first, then loaded the pictures....which loaded backwards. Blogger won't let me move them around, (why does that happen sometimes?) and I don't have the patience or time to mess with it right now. So you will have to scroll down for the "News".
Anyway...Yesterday we went to Meg's Best Friend Merrick's 3rd Birthday Party. Merrick LOVES all things Disney Princess related and even got to go to Disney land a few weeks before her birthday. So it was not surprise what she wanted for the theme. Meg chose to go as Snow White, which is of course the only princess that is red, blue and yellow. Colors that happen to clash with 98% off her wardrobe, but we made it work. I couldn't talk her into Sleeping Beauty (Skeeping Booty, as Meg says it), who would have matched her hair bows and shoes nicely. She looked pretty cute, though. Her gold tennis shoes aren't very "princess-y", but perfect for running around outside and jumping in the bounce house.

Ok, first off....this isn't really news to a lot of people. Especially if you are a friend on Facebook. I have been meaning to post it on here for, well....a month or two. Baby Missildine #2 is on the way. Due in July. I am 16 weeks along (like I said, this isn't really news anymore). We are really excited, despite my lack of blogging. Actually, I am blaming pregnancy for my lack of blogging. So here is a not so great picture of Meg announcing the news. Her hair isn't fixed and she didn't really want to get her picture taken, but I tried a number of times and this is the best I could do. She is pretty cute, regardless. I am not sure if she totally understands what is going on, but she does know there is a baby in Mommy's Tummy. Sometimes she thinks that she and daddy also have babies in the tummies, but I think she will figure it out when Mommy's tummy is noticeably occupied.