Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life in Pink

If you haven't already heard, Baby Missildine #2 is another little girl!
We are so excited. I really thought Meg was a girl, although I didn't admit that to anyone. This time, I really had no idea either way. It was so sweet to see her moving around, yawning, pushing against where the sonographer was pushing into her.......The Carmel Macchiato that I drank before we went in might have helped! I didn't want to risk her being curled up in a ball asleep, like Meg was at her scheduled sono.

So more pink, more princess and more of this........

I don't get to take many pictures at dance class, because we figured out a while back that Meg does much better if I am not around. I was her biggest distraction. I head down to the coffee shop with my friend Allison. The pictures that I do get aren't very good, because I am trying to stay out of the way and not CAUSE an unnecessary distraction. This was the week of their valentine party. After dance, they got to exchange valentines.
Enjoying some of the loot!

Although, if this little girl is anything like her big sister..... she will also be loud, fast, fearless and funny. What I love most about Meg is that she is her own individual. I like to say that she is a boy trapped in a girl's body, but my mom said it best when she said, "Meg isn't trapped anywhere." She doesn't let anyone define her. She is full of life and joy and personality all her own, and we love it....most of the time! In some ways I hope her little sister is just like her, because I can't imagine anything better. In other ways, I hope they are each their own person. I joke about praying for my second to be a little more laid back and "easy", (a little more like me and less like their daddy) but truth be told, another sweet and sassy fireball would be fine too.

Sisters are the best. I don't know what I would do without mine! I always wanted to be just like her and I was proud to live in her shadow (because it was a pretty perfect one to live in). Whatever our new baby girl turns out to be like, she will be perfect and we are so glad that God has intrusted both of these precious gifts to us.