Friday, February 27, 2009


It has been a while. I have a good excuse.....a few of them actually. Here it goes:
We moved two weeks ago, left town last weekend, had a toddler with unexplained vomitting and didn't get internet service until today. 12 days after it was scheduled. I have talked to about 13 different people at ATT, got about 13 different "explinations" and no answers. Chad contacted a guy from church who works for Corporate at ATT and, big surprise....they were here the next day.

I have some catching up to do. I am only going to post pictures of Meg's first haircut this time though.

She has needed a trim for a while, but I have been a little anxious about it. On Lori and Annalee's recommendation we went to Sweet and Sassy. She did great!
(This is in the car, on the way to the haircut....I couldn't resist. Don't worry, I was at a stop light.)
I love this first picture. It is not often I can get her to pose, especially when I am ready to take her picture

Thank goodness for suckers

Back-up stickers when the sucker got old.

The "after" pose. I wish you could see the sparkles in her hair.

This is our new neighbor. Actually, we have no idea where he lives, but he wanders into our backyard every once in a while. Meg says, "Hi Chickent" (everything ends in a T right now).

He definately isn't shy. This is on my back patio. He would have walked right under my legs if I hadn't jumped back right here.

I got to be at a great baby shower for my sister in OKC last weekend. I will have to post those pictures another time. We can't wait for Halle Jane to arrive!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Move #7, Warm Days and More Meg

I just moved this picture to the top because I think it is sweet. Love those lips!
The next picture is of Meg as we were packing to move in June. It seems like yesterday until I realize how much she has changed.
We are at it again. This is how she plays with boxes these days.
We sold our house and are beginning somewhat of a new adventure. For the first time in our 6 years of marriage, we don't have somewhere to move to. Chad hasn't started anything new.....he's waiting out the slow market. Instead, we are moving to another builder's house until it sells. Chad came up with the idea....not original, there are companies out there that do this. I didn't really think it would happen but after two days of Marketing our "services" he had a number of options for us. So, even thought most of you already think we are crazy for moving so will probably only get worse. If we do a "good job", these houses will sell quicker and we will be on the move more often. I am somewhat excited about the venture. I love to have a new pallet to decorate, I love to weed through what we don't need anymore "downsize" and I will definitely love the money we will be able to save.
I am thankful that my husband loves to think outside of the box (most of the time) and find a way to use our God Given gifts even in a slow market. I will keep you updated.

Sometimes I wonder why we even have toys. This is what she really likes to do. Unload the movies. It never seems to get old.

We have played outside a little this week, thanks to the warm weather. I am so thankful. Meg's whole demeanor changes when she is outside. She is such a free spirit. She loves to have room to play and fresh air...much like her dad.
Unfortunately, I have to take what I can get picture wise. The old "where's Meg?"..."peek-a-boo" trick doesn't work any more. She knows I am just going to take a picture.
She loves to swing. Sometimes she just sits back and chills out. Other times she gets into it.
Every time we walk out or in the back door, she says "hi wing"
We have been really working on asking nicely (aka saying please) instead of whining. Of course, when she does it we cheer and make a big deal. She has picked up on that and lately will say "milk please. good job. YAY" (with a clap at the end). My mom said she is just saving us the trouble. She also says, "thank you. welcome." and "sorry. okay. I fine." It is pretty funny.
That is all for now.