Thursday, January 22, 2009

PJ's, Pancakes, Pig tails.....

Today was PJs and Pancakes day at Mother's Day Out.
Meg looked pretty cute in her polka dot pjs,her furry house shoes and her pig tails.

This is what most pictures look like these days, because she looks at me and says "CHEESE". I can't really get her to just smile.

We also had her 18 month check-up yesterday....even though she is almost 19 months. She keeps going up in the height percentile and down in the weight percentile. I think she will be tall and skinny like her daddy's family. I can live vicariously through her when she is a ballerina, model or basketball star. I always wanted to be tall. Her doctor also reinforced my belief that she is the smartest 18 month old that has ever lived. That is one reason I like my pediatrician so much. She always acts like everything Meg does is just wonderful. I am sure she does that to everyone, but I like it anyway.

Most of the time I think she is 100% Chad, but I did finally find a hint of compulsion in her....that's definitely from me. She loves this alphabet puzzle from her Pa pa. Lately she has been separating the letters into color groups. I am so proud!

For my own records....her new phrases are "Bye Bye, See you later", "I want it" (unfortunately), "I see you....", "I find it" "it's funny" and "I love you......" (priceless)