Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One year week with Daddy

First of all, you have to go to You will need to click on run for it to download and then run again. After you have downloaded it will come up quickly if you do it again. (Not that you are going to be watching it over and over, like me.) It will only be online for like a week. I can't believe how Meg has changed. The first two pictures on the slideshow are from her newborn and 6 month pictures. (They really know how to get me! I want to buy them all.)

Last week Chad was home ALL week. We had a great time with him. He brought home a blow up pool to add to Meg's water toy collection. We are just borrowing this though. He even put up a canopy in the back yard. We had a fun day outside and did a lot of resting last week. Meg has really started to reach for Chad and light up when he comes around. I love it....(although I loved it when I was her favorite too!) They have a lot of fun together. I only got a few pictures that turned out cute. She isn't really still long enough to catch her picture any more.

Last weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. It was so much fun. There were only 54 in my class (private Christian school), so we were all very close. Everyone was involved in everything. It was great to see everyone. I did not get many pictures myself, because I let my camera die and everyone else was taking pictures that they said they would email me. I got to see lots of old friends and some not quite as old Meredith Ware, who was a college friend but was at my high school reunion by marriage. (Hi Meredith.) It was so neat to see that almost everyone who was there seems so happy either married or not and so "successful" in life (meaning they are where they are supposed to be). I think that is pretty rare. I loved meeting spouses and kids and hearing about where they have been. Not that the last 10 years have been easy for everyone, but we are all better because of what we have been through and we are all headed in the right direction.

This is my best friend Lynnsey

Lynnsey and Aubree (who planned the whole event)

It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lots and Lots of Birthday Pics

I am a week late with Birthday party pictures. Meg and I went to OKC after her party last week and we have been at church ever since we got home helping with a big project. you go. I knew it would take me a while once I sat down to do it.....which is one reason that I have not until now.

We started last weekend off with Meg's Cousin Knox's 4th Birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza (I didn't even know those still existed). She LOVED all of the rides and games.

She obviously loves cake as much as I do. I hate to admit that she is no stranger to sweets.

The birthday boy with a blue mouth.

Next came Meg's party. I had already bought swimsuit invites before we knew we were we still had it at our old neighborhood pool. We still technically own a house and two lots there, so we felt like it was ok.

My friend Wendy makes that most amazing cakes ( I just gave her the invitation and let her do what she wanted. It was as yummy as it was cute.

Meg and her cousin Audrey. Audrey loves to pose for the camera.

Cousins eating cake.
Meg's newest cousin Maclane in her turquoise bikini.
Getting ready to dig in.

She really wasn't that messy with it. She did enjoy it though.
Taking a dip in her new float with Papa and Daddy.
She loves her baby doll and stroller from Mallory, Brian, Jake and Audrey. She will spot it from across that room and say, "Baby!".

A few pictures of our trip to OKC:
This is what happen's at Bunny's house. Creating bad habits. Bunny let her take all of the toilet paper off of the roll. Now I have to put all of the toilet paper up on the counter at home.

These are the cute foofie pajamas Bunny got her.

She loves to talk to herself in the full length mirror. Here she was getting a little more friendly.
On the Fourth of July we got out all of the outdoor toys she got for her birthday. She LOVES water. Since we dont' have access to a pool anymore. I am glad we have a big yard to play in.

She is not worried about her tan line. Her straps are just a little too loose.

What a precious gift she is. We are so blessed.