Friday, May 30, 2008

Moving Again

We are about to make our 6th move two months before our 6th Anniversary. Which is pretty amazing since we have lived in the house we are in now for 2 years! That tells you something about how often we moved over the first 4 years. Anyway....we just decided last weekend and we have already done a lot of packing and even moved some things over. We are moving to a house Chad remodeled in the Arlington Heights area of Fort Worth. It is a really cute little bungalow style house. I say little, because it is about 600 square feet smaller then our current home. It will be cozy with all of our stuff. I love that area and we have been wanting to get back to that side of town, so I am excited. Lori....we will definately have more play dates now! I am sad to leave our swimming pool though. Meg and I got in it the other day and she had a blast.

Here are some cute videos of her helping with the move. She isn't walking yet on her own, but she is really good at pushing boxes around like a walker. Ignore my annoying baby talk. Isn't it funny how silly you sound when you hear yourself? I don't even think about it when I am talking to her.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Maclane Mercer

Well...we have a precious new neice as of Sunday morning at 3:15am. Chad's sister Shaye and her husband Michael had their baby girl Maclane. She is beautiful and she looks absolutely nothing like her brother Knox. As you can see...he has white blonde hair and fair skin and she has black hair and darker skin. I think it is funny for one child to look so much like one parent and the other child to look so much like the other parent.

Papa...Chad's dad brought this Spiderman costume for Knox at the hospital. He started taking his clothes off as soon as he opened it. The funniest part was that he has on Batman socks, Superman undies and a Spiderman suit. He was so excited!!

These are just some funny pictures of my bathing beauty soaking up the sun. Not really.....she had sunblock from head to toe...don't worry! We were washing our cars in the 90 degree heat, so I decided she needed to wear her swimmies.

She was not too crazy about wearing the hat. I thought it was really cute, however.

On another's time to break out the leg warmers. I am starting back to teaching aerobics. I just had the thought come into my head, last Tuesday, that I have this 7 year old certification that I could put to good use, get back into a regular work out routine (it's been about 10 1/2 months), take Meg to the child care at the workout place and make a little extra cash. The first place I thought of was Fitness For Her....looked up their website and it said in huge letters on the front page "Now hiring certified land and water Aerobics Instructors." So if you live in Fort Worth, I would love to have you in my classes. I am starting tomorrow with a Body Pump class. It should be interesting since I have never taught that. I am really excited. I hope they can't tell that I am struggling more then any of the students, since I am so out of shape.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Busy Week

This is my second post in less then a week. I really don't have a lot of time on my hands. There are a thousand things I should be doing while Meg is napping right now. Unfortunately I have a lot of pictures I wanted to get posted on here, so I am procrastinating on everything else. Which is exaclty why I did not want to start a blog in the first place. Shoot! (That is what Molly would say) Fortunately she is taking really long afternoon naps.

Last weekend we went to Mayfest on the Trinity River with Chad's Mom. It was a little too crowded....a bit overwhelming for me..... I can't imagine how Meg felt. We had fun anyway. We walked through the botanical gardens because Chad refused to pay for parking or ride a shuttle from TCU. So he parked at the back of the Botanical Gardens and we walked through and played frogger crossing University without getting hit by a car. Anyway...the walk through the gardens ended up being the nicest part of the whole trip.

Meg enjoyed the Chocolate Chips cookies, lemonade and Corndog that Chad gave her. I could just imagine her little arteries clogging as she ate the fair style corndog. Oh was a fun day. I created a Hallmark Smilebox to send to Chad's Mom so instead of uploading the pictures, I will just post it for you to watch.

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Monday we went to Gainesville to see my 92 year old Grandmother. Here are some sweet pictures of her with Meg. Meg was her 20th Great Grandchild!! She now has 21.

Tuesday Lori and Annalee came over for lunch. Neither of the girls wanted to stay still long enough to get a good picture, but here are some snapshots.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sippies, Cousins, Loving the Sun

Randomly....Meg has mastered the Sippy Cup. She wasn't quite sure about it for a while, but now she loves it. Sadly, she is getting more and more independent. I know that is a good thing, but it make me sad. She won't be a baby much longer. Yesterday I handed her a bottle in the car and she drank it by herself in her carseat. She handed me an empty bottle when we got to Target. I was so proud and so sad at the same time.

She loves to crawl around on her puffy chair and play with all of her little friends.

Almost two weeks ago, we went to Prosper to spend some time with Mallory, Brian and Audrey....Jacob was in Florida with his Grandparents.

Meg loves her cousin Audrey...almost as much as Audrey loves her!

It was so sweet of Audrey to share all of her girly toys, jewels and purses.

Audrey decided that she wanted to have a bow on top of her head like Meg and a "Pink" bib. These really are pink, but she calls everything pink. Here they are sharing a pretzel stick snack.
Here are just some cute pictures we took yesterday in the beautiful weather.

She really hates to wear these. She prefers to eat them. I did get a quick picture though.