Friday, December 28, 2007

My Obsession

My parents got me a new SLR digital camera for Christmas and I have hardly put it down. It is so amazing the difference it makes. I always thought I was just not a very good photographer....which is probably true....but a lot of it is the camera. This one is so easy and takes the greatest pictures. Of course, when you have the most beautiful subject in the world, it is that much more fun.

We had such a great Christmas. We went to Chad's sister's house in Plano to spend Christmas with Shaye, Michael, Knox and Mama Joy. It was so relaxing and fun, as always. We had good food, lots of gifts and great time together.

We had to push back getting together with my family because, as most of you know.... my precious little 22 month old niece, Audrey, was in the hospital for almost a week with Staff infection. Besides that, my sister's whole family was battling the stomach virus and Strep Throat. It was not a very Merry Christmas for them, but Audrey is home now and everyone is doing better. Thank you for your prayers. We are getting together next week for our Christmas. Tomorrow we are going to Palestine to be with Chad's dad's family. It is busy, but we have had a great couple of days at home to relax and get things done around the house.

Here are just a few of the random pictures I have taken in the last week.

Cute Christmas Outfit Number 1

These big "blues" melt my heart every day!!

Cute Christmas Outfit Number 2!

We LOVE "Paci"

This is what I see everytime I get her up in the morning or from a is priceless!

I just love the rosy cheeks.

....and finally....this one says, "would you please get that camera out of my face?"!

There are other people in my life right Chad, but Meg is the most fun to photograph. Maybe I will add some of us later. I did not really get any good ones of Knox (our Nephew) on Christmas. He was too busy playing with everything Santa brought him to sit still.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Meg's Bunny (my Mom) got her this bunny rabbit the day after she found out Meg was going to be a girl. It sleeps under Meg's bed, but we got it out the other day and she had so much fun rolling around with it. It is so funny how she suddenly becomes interested in things she did not care about two weeks ago. She LOVES to roll. She is all over the room. If she rolls up against a piece of furniture, she uses her feet to push herself off it, so she can roll the other way.

This is what she looks like when I turn one of her videos on. She can be quite the couch potato.....when she isn't rolling all over the room.

Here we are just chillin in the little chair and playing with her Christmas Tree. I promise she really does laugh and smile all day....just not when I am trying to take her picture, of course!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Big Girl Bath

It may be inappropriate to post naked pictures of your daughter on the web...but I just could not resist these! The most private parts are covered.

We just got this new bath seat, because Meg likes to sit up. She thinks she is a lot bigger then she is. She can't sit up on her own yet...but she is getting close.

I love this says, "Why am I wearing this and why are you taking my picture again?" She used to love the bath, but hate to get out. Now she likes the whole experience.