Thursday, August 5, 2010

Living Room and Master

Sorry for being so horrible at updating the house pictures. My list of priorities has shifted in the last few weeks. When I get both girls asleep at the same time, the last thing I want to do is get out my camera and take pictures of my house (having to pick up first, of course) and get the downloaded.
On to the Master Bedroom. Here is a before picture with the great custom window valance that we inherited when we bought the house. It wasn't painted or covered, just sitting in a corner, waiting to be used.

It is perfect and was custom built to match the rest of the built in. We had it hung and painted along with the trim.
Fortunately this picture is small enough that you can't see all of the books and clutter inside Chad's nightstand. I should switch sides of the bed with him, so his table is hidden. The man is typically reading like 8 books at one time.
This built in was one of my favorite things when we bought the house. I knew I would have fun filling it with pictures of my girls and other favorite "things".

Here is a before view of the Living Area (and archway into the dining)
After.....I know that our TV is WAY to big for the space. Kind of a decorating "no no". It was a hand me down that we were very excited about when we had a big living area with high ceilings. I would love a much small wall mounted one, but I don't think that is in our budget right now. I think I will see how much this one might sell for, though. I really have no idea.
I may eventually do some sort of window panels in here, but even making treatments for five window (plus hardware) cost as much as a new couch. That may be on the list for later.
Here is the fireplace wall before.
After. The mantel is a work in progress. I like that it has some great architectural features, like the sconces and the two levels....but it limits what you can do on it. The mantels themselves are both pretty narrow.

....And just because they are so cute

It took a little coercing to get Meg to even let Molly sit next to her. She prefers to admire her from a distance. Smiles were way too much to ask!

I guess there will be many more opportunities for cute sister pictures over the years.