Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Curb Appeal

This week we will have lived in our house for 3 months. Hard to believe! Also hard to believe it has taken me that long to get all of these pictures up. I am still not finished (stay tuned for the Nursery and "office").
Actually the exterior was the last major thing to get finished. Our painters were tied up on other jobs and couldn't come back to finish the outside for A MONTH after we moved in. Actually, they started the week Molly was born and were still working on it when she was born. It was kind of a special treat to see it finished when we came home from the hospital.
Remember this BIG problem
Joe and his team did a great job of fixing (and cleaning) the brick. It looks brand new.

Here is the before of the whole house.
I just love the huge trees, landscape and bird bath that we inherited when we bought the house. So different then the new construction neighborhoods we have spent most of our time in.
I love my $16.99 Aqua Adirondack Chairs from Lowes. (When it isn't too hot and the mosquitos are under control)We love to sit and enjoy the neighborhood and watch Meg play on the porch or in the front yard.

I have lots of other pictures to post this week. Some of the girls, of course. Some projects that I worked on while Meg was at my parent's house for three days.....and the rest of the house pics. We shall see if I actually get them posted!

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Chrisann said...

Your pictures look great! I love seeing all that you guys have done. I look forward to seeing the rest of them. You have a package coming your way from Chicago. Love you!