Thursday, September 9, 2010


Despite how "thrilled" she looks in this picture....Meg is loving her little sister these days. She always wants to see her and talk to her. Molly always turns to look when she hears Meg's voice. Meg loves to "show" Molly to everyone.
Yesterday, we were talking about Meg's birthday party and she said, "Nember (remember) Molly was still in your tummy at my birthday....but now she's out! I love her."

The other night when we were telling God what we are thankful for at bedtime, she said, "I tell him thank you for my baby sister named Molly."

I love my both of my sweet girls!


A Growing Family said...

Molly already looks so different from her newborn pics! I have got to see her soon!!!

mallory said...

I love them both too! The house looks fabulous!