Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Florida Vacation

We spent last week in Rosemary Beach, Fl. Our second year in a row to go to the Highway 30A area (aka The Beaches of South Walton). We love it there. Last year we stayed in Sea Grove and spent time in Seaside, Rosemary and Watercolor. This year we stayed in Rosemary. I love the architecture, the restaraunts and shops, beautiful pools and of course the beach.
Below is a picture of the four story Carriage house that we stayed in. It was so nice. I didn't really think to take pictures of the inside. Meg loved having her own floor all to herself. There were four beds along the walls around the staircase and she would switch beds every night and naptime. The top floor was mainly a bar area and deck, the main floor was the master bedroom, kitchen and living area. The bottom floor was the garage belonging to the homeowners (whose beautiful house was next to this.....although I didn't get any pictures). We never heard the garage door or even noticed it was there. The entrance to the guest/carriage house was on the opposite side.
Some other cool houses.
View from the beach.
This was Molly's beach experience....under the protection of her 50 SPF tent AND the umbrella. I didn't let a square in of her body see the sun all week. She loved it! She would sleep so soundly here.

This one, on the other hand enjoyed the sun, beach and pools more then any child ever has......
If you have talked to Meg in the last month, you knew that we were going "back to the beach". She has told everyone who was willing to listen. I love how well she remembered our trip last year and would talk about it all year long. When we told her we were going back, she was beside herself.

She enjoyed AT LEAST one push pop a day....and she can tell you how many she dropped. She kept count. They melt a little fast in the humidity of FL.

Me and my girls at sunset.
We must have looked like we needed a family picture, because 4 different people offered while we were on the beach this evening.

Sweet Sisters
I think Meg was a little tired of pictures by this one. She was more interested in playing in the sand.

Although we were sunscreen Natzis.....Chad even more then me....I do love her little sunkissed cheeks. I guess you can't help that when you are beachside and poolside for 7 days straight.
I can't believe how much she has grown since her beach pics from last year. She looks so old....
Sand castles with Dad.
She saw a "big girl" doing cartwheels on the beach, so she decided to try that out....

Last year I fought dragging this thing all the way to FL when we had so many other "essentials" to fit in the car. (even though it does deflate for traveling.) It was such a hit with Meg that I knew there was no debate this year. This year they even got to see some little dolphins pretty close up when the dolphins came close to shore. I, of course, threaten Chad with his life to keep her safe and stay close to the beach.

Great Vacation....Precious Memories


Jill said...

Those are some great pictures!!!

Mauri said...

Such precious pictures! Rosemary is beautiful! Looks like y'all had a great time, and the girls (and their momma) are as beautiful as ever.

mallory said...

Love the pics!!!!

The Gradke Family said...

Great pictures. Looks like yall had a wonderful trip. Both girls are just beautiful. The last picture of Meg is one of my favorites. Glad yall had a good trip

Heather said...

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